mountain Lakes and rivers in the alps

Lakes, rivers, forests in Switzerland, Italy, Austria, France, Slovenia. We have scouted photographed, mapped all the best lake locations for any kind of film and photo production. Mountain lakes, city lakes, fast water rivers, glacier rivers, clear springs, waterfalls, water dams, wooden docks, cliffs… and more to be discovered. We range from the forest sourrounded lakes of the Dolomites, to the city lake of Geneva, from the glacial lakes of the Mont Blanc to the clear waters of the lakes in Slovenia.

We cover the whole Alpine range: Switzerland, France, Italy, Austria, Slovenai. We can find lakes close to the city o combined with different location needs and requirements.Our location scouters are spread out through out the Alps and allow us to have updated informations on the condition of each location. Winter conditions can be found in the Summer, and Spring conditions can still be found in the Autumn.