We work with crews and suppliers from Milano, Geneva, Zurich, Munich, Innsbruck, Ljubljana offering the best equipment and the highest professionalism. They are selected for each job depending on the location needs… so do not be surpise to see our Best Boy skiing with a tripod on his shoulder.

Avalanche team

Our professional avalanche team is available to trigger avalanches for filming purposes within safety conditions. This service is limited to locations, snow and safety conditions for people, roads, natural environments and other relevant conditions, and following the necessary safety precautions is paramount to every endeavour.

Freefall/base jumper cameramen

A specialised cameraman mounting a camera on his head, following and filming another parachuter – creating breathtaking choreographies. Jumps can take place from cliffs, helicopters, planes or buildings.

Extreme sportsmen castings

Our network of contacts allows us to provide your shoot with any kind of athlete and stuntman. Rock climbing, base jumping, parachuting, skiing kayak, canyoning, mountain biking – you name it, we can do it

Safety riggers

We only use certified Alpine guides and among those we have a special group of mountain guides that have worked as film riggers in the biggest productions in the Alps – guaranteeing the utmost safety in every aspect of your production.

Extreme Grips/Graffer/Camera crew

When you’re working in certain extreme conditions, having good grips/gaffers and camera crew is often not enough. These professionals also need to be good and experienced in moving in an environment that doesn’t resemble a studio. Altitude, cold weather, rough terrain – these are all elements that our crews are prepared for and used to dealing with.