Film production, photo production


We are born to service production in any conditions. If the weather is good for the Director and the DOP, the weather is good for us. The only limit is safety that is always guranteed by our mountain guides on set. Our scouters, crew, equipment, production has been prepared to assist your shoot in any location with any weather condition and give the best support to make your shoot happen no matter what.

Location Managing

Location scouting and managing
Location advising
Permission handling
Risk assessment
Safety crew

Specialized film crews

Specialised action crews
Standard film crew from Milan, Geneva, Vienna, Ljubljana
Action and mountaineering stunts coordination
Mountain guides
Actors and action models (search and casting)
Actors/models/crew training
Avalanche experts (safety and filming)

Specialised action and creative crew

Action sports directors
Action sports DOPs
Action sports photographers
Aerial photography